Are Hipster’s Overrated?

Nerd glasses? High waisted shorts? Ugly sweaters? What have this generation come to?


What is a hipster?

The items I listed at top are examples that the average hipster might have. But what is a hipster? A hipster is a person in their 20s, who might seem like that hobo you saw on the street, but turns out to be a dude with an oversized jacket and flannel shirt to wear. They don’t wear mainstream or listen to anything mainstream, because they think they’re too cool for that. But according to Google images, I saw too many hipsters wear vans, even though vans are mainstream shoes. Many people are wearing them.

Hipsters take things sarcastically.



Hating on a Famous Viner

Everyone should know who Nash Grier is, right? Especially if you go on Vine and probably like the Magcon boys. Nash is one of the most famous Viner’s in the world and even has his own YouTube channel.

I’ve first heard about him from one of Cameron Dallas’ videos on YouTube. Nash is 16 years old, and doesn’t know much about the world, by the way.

I got interested in him and begin to watch his videos…and the comments on them.

Half of the comments were from rude people calling him homophobic, racist, and sexist because of his early actions.

Nash Grier made a Vine based of the HIV testing home kit. After the guy finish of saying it’s not a gay thing, he yelled out, “It is a gay thing, FAGGG!” On top of his lungs.


Nash posted a tweet saying, “What I’m afraid of,” with an Arabian emoji.


Nash Grier made a video with Cameron Dallas and JC Caylen about what they find attractive in girls. Nash Grier stated he liked girls who shaved, entertain him, and etc. (Basically his opinion).

All of these incidents caused a hate festival of comments on his YouTube channel.

The comments got harsher and mean when I read them.

‘Nash, you should go kill u self’

‘What a little b****…’

Me, being a victim of bullying, felt upset because this was not nice at all. Everyone makes mistakes, and people should forgive and forget this nonsense (Information I got from my mother). But people like to act childish and cause YouTube arguments.

I’m not a big fan girl of Nash Grier, because I don’t stalk them or beg them to follow me on Twitter or Instagram. But I thought the things people were saying was hurtful to me, because I been called names before. Besides…Nash was 14/15 (I forgot his age when he did it) years old when he did the homophobic thing. You must had done something stupid at that age too.

The sexist video was about what they liked in girls. A lot of handsome celebrity males already said what they liked in females too, but why were some people mad about this one with three teenage boys? Because it made them feel, ‘Insecure’. I learned to accept my flaws and be myself already to feel insecure. These girls should too. Some guys don’t follow there beliefs and go out with blondes instead of brunettes or tall instead of short. So don’t get offensive over one video.

But at the end of the day, Nash needed to think before he say and do. Every celebrity did something wrong in there career, so its best to move on and worry about your life. Stop worrying about Nash Grier and realize he was just immature and dumb, but also apologized for his actions and didn’t do anything bad so far.

Everyone has an opinion, but saying it stirs too much drama.

Why I Don’t Shop At Certain Places

I could easily remember the day I stepped Wal-Mart to buy some groceries with my mom, sister, and grandma. My grandmother was visiting New York to experience Virginia for the first time (I was surprised she liked it down here). But she also wanted to go into Wal-Mart to buy the one thing I wouldn’t get in the first place; clothes. Please…don’t judge my opinion. Just listen why I always dodge the clothing section when I’m in the store.

Frugal people would always run into the store because of the low price, but I run out of the section because of their Low Quality. Half of the brands were in the super market isn’t the designer brands that you would wear. Some people wouldn’t care, but what would you do if you saw a pair of shoes that said, ‘VANS’ for $20. That’s gotta be fake!

Speaking of fake, you have to watch out for what you are buying. If you see a Prada purse for $60, then that’s a ‘Don’t buy.’

And when you buy cheap clothing from Wal-Mart, then it’s likely to get easily damaged. For example; my mom brought me a pair of track pants from there. After barely wearing it, there was a rip in the pants. It also happened to pajamas that my dad brought for me in Kmart too. A button fallen off when I tried to button it up.

So I’m warning you, shop at a nicer store (Children’s Place, Rue 21, JCP, etc.)